Mapping Canada's War Experience

Canadian First World War Fallen Soldiers

Go Day-by-Day through the Great War and find out how many, and which Canadian soldiers specifically, died on each day.

How to use the Timeline:

Using your mouse, you may freely scroll in and out of the timeline, allowing you to zoom into smaller or larger scales (meaning you can go through the years by day, week, month, year).

Each "day" that you are able to click on is a day where at least one Canadian Soldier died.

Clicking on the day shows you a single integer and a date that you can click on.

The integer refers to the number of Canadians who died on that exact date. You can see exactly which Canadian soldiers fell and any relevant information about them by doing the following:

Click on the date (which is the title) - this will open to a new page (holding "Ctrl" and clicking will open this in a new tab, allowing you to remain on the Timeline still). Now, scroll down to the title "Tags" and click on the only available tag.

This will now bring you to a list of every Canadian who perished on that date. Each soldier can be opened and you can learn about each one.